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So how can we help you?

Our vision is to create solutions that enable people to know more so they can do better.

We can help you know what's happened, what's happening, and what could happen with Enterprise Monitoring solutions.

Help your team and your customers find the information they want with Enterprise Search solutions.

We help you do Data at Scale with Enterprise Logging and Data Engineering solutions.


The Benefits

Know your business

Your data has been trying to communicate with you. Trouble is, you have no idea what it's been saying. We'll help you decipher its messages and turn them into real business value. You'll be able to monitor usage, issues, user behaviour, attacks and other important conditions from all your data streams, around the clock and as they unfold. This will give you 'real-time operational intelligence' of your organisation and allow you to make better business decisions.

Know your customers

Real-time operational intelligence allows you to adapt your systems to customer behaviour and optimise their experience on the fly. Quickly identify online shopping patterns and problems with websites and mobile apps. Monitor site conversion as new pages and products launch. Increase user engagement simply by always being 'switched on'. Stay ahead of your competitors and increase revenue through continuous refinement of your customers' experience.

Make faster decisions

You know where your data is and how to retrieve it. You've gained a deeper understanding of your business and how your customers behave. Your staff have been empowered. Put it all together and you now have the insight and resource to make decisions as rapidly as required - that's why it's called real-time operational intelligence. Whatever you do, whatever industry you're in, we can provide you with the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition, on the side with your customers and on the level with your bank manager.

Be better informed

All the raw data generated by all your systems are stored in a single and secure location. It's made accessible, usable and valuable to everyone within your organisation. 

Let your data provide you with the insight to go places with your business you had never contemplated. Get the information you require when you need it, according to your role within your organisation, visualised via an easy-to-use dashboard. Empower your workplace.






GKC offers a range of service to deliver flexible, successful projects and advice.

  • Advice

  • Analysis

    • Data insights

    • Requirements analysis

    • Application/System Performance

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Project and Programme Management

Support and Managed Services

Do you need an expert to call when you get stuck or want a managed service so your staff can focus on adding value to your business?


We have a range of packages that can provide you with the certainty of costs and comfort from a team of experts in a range of technologies.

Advisory Services

The most important part of a successful enterprise monitoring capability in any business is the operating model that supports it.

We can help with the service design of your enterprise monitoring to maximise the effectiveness of your people, processes and tools.

Pain Point Analysis

If your organisation does not have the time or experience to root out the cause of a problem, GKC has consultants that can lend their expertise to the surface and address your organisational pain - whether it be people, software, networks or architecture.

Our Partners

We're trusted by a range of proven vendors to deliver their technologies, so we can recommend the best fit for your business.




Independent Service Assurance

Your business is reliant on the services running it to be working operating and effective.  

Enterprise monitoring will give you visibility of your services, and

GKC is a completely neutral voice amongst the many teams and vendors that support today's modern enterprise. 

Think of us as the Switzerland of visibility.  

Loads of Experience

With a team of expert consultants and many decades of combined experience in the Enterprise Monitoring space, we have real-world experience that is 2nd to none.


While we have delivered to companies around the Globe including Aussie the US, India and more; we are a Kiwi born and bred business so nice and close to come and meet for a catchup over a coffee or a whiteboard.

We work with lots of great organisations

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